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Taizhou Shining Metal Material Co., Ltd is an environmental protection enterprise engaged in recycling, importing, dismantling and recycled utilization of mixed metal scrap, ferrous and nonferrous scrap, wires and calbes etc. It is one of the designed dismantlement processing enterprises under Minsty of Environmental Protection of China.

Taizhou Shining Metal Material Co., Ltd is located in Fengjiang metal renewable park zone, Taizhou, Zhejiang province (It’s the largest bases of recycling metals scrap). Registered capital is RMB 11.5 million and assets of 35 million. The company boasts outstanding strengths in importing business and dismantling technology, The Annual dismantling amount of metal scrap, wires and cables reaches 66, 000 tons.

The company mainly import Motors, Shredded pickings (Meatballs), Transformers, wires and cables, Honey, Ocean, Talk etc from Europe, North America, South America, Japan etc. The monthly imported container amounts to 300.

Welcome broad customers both home and abroad to cooperate with us, and dedicate to recycling of metal scraps, doing our sue contribution to the recycling economy.

In order to further expand business and enlarge enterprise scale, the company business and enlarge enterprise scales, the company had already purchased A dismantling base in Taizhou Binhai Industrial Zone (new metal scraps recycling zone). After completion of the new base, the annual Dismantlement of metal scraps, wires and cables of the company will reach 200, 000tons.